The androgynous style craze has been around in street style and on fashion runways for a long time now, just ask Diane Keaton. Actually more than a trend or even a style, androgyny is a whole concept of combining what is masculine and what is feminine. Which works just great in fashion, giving it more range by breaking any styling boundaries that might have existed.

Now to achieve the androgynous look, there is no need to get your clothes from the men’s department. Almost all female fashion brands have taken into this concept, especially since 2012, coming up with masculine oriented pieces. From straight tuxedos and suits, to oxford shoes, the options are unlimited. However, successfully achieving an androgynous outfit is not only about wearing masculine clothes, but being able to mix them with feminine pieces as well. You still want to look as a woman, and a seductive one preferably.

For inspiration, check out the gallery below with androgynous outfits made for all circumstances.

Featured Image Courtesy of My Daily Style

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