As a proud Moroccan and Amazigh (or Berber, as others may call it), I love to show off my culture and heritage any chance I get, especially when it comes to fashion. However what I love even more, is to have fun with some of our traditional “clothes”, and include them in my own style.

So today, I decided to honour my roots in a mixed look, where I paired an Amazigh skirt (which I actually have been wearing since my teens, especially every time I would visit my mother’s family’s village) with a simple v-neck T-shirt, a pair of Converse sneakers, and a backpack, all for a fun casual outfit. And I wanted to pint out that I just love the simpleness and modesty of that Amazigh skirt, which is slightly made more ethnic with the use of those colourful pompoms and the embroidered Amazigh or Berber fibula, originally called “Tazerzit”.

Photos Taken By Hicham Laabd

Skirt: Souk – T-Shirt: Zara – Sneakers: Converse – Bag: Bershka

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