Risking to sound redundant here, but “Told You So”! Babouches are in fact the IT-shoes of the season, so if you don’t have at least a pair yet, get them!

Beyond taking inspiration from a Moroccan fashion staple, luxury brand Acne Studios had full on designed, for its Spring Summer 2016 collection authentic Moroccan slippers; a.k.a. babouches. To go with the collection’s whole bohemian feel, it is no surprise that the Swedish label has jumped on the slippers’ trend bandwagon, and that following so many fashion houses as Gucci or Victoria Beckham, among others.

Comfy, versatile, and extremely fun, there is actually no need for us to sell you on this trend, the outfits below should do the trick…

Photos Courtesy of: AcneStudios Net-à-Porter The Blonde Salad & Blog Walk

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