The top fashion and style bloggers have become part of the people that we look up to in terms of what is “In” and what should be “Out”. The spring/summer season is upon us. So, it is only normal to brush up on the accessories trends that are upcoming, or have even started for some.

Lighter shoes, sandals, and especially jewellery are some of those accessories to look out for. So if you need a help to know what is out there, and especially to get some original inspiration, here are a few ideas from the most popular and stylish bloggers.

Chiara Ferragni’s glitter sandals (The Blonde Salad)

accessories trends

Diane Von Furstenburg’s furry clutch (Fashion toast)

Denni loafers (Damsel In Dior)

accessories trends Ethnic jewellery (We Wore What)

accessories trendsPalm bracelets (Viva Luxury)

accessories trends accessories trendsArm bracelets (Kenzas)

accessories trendsFeatured Image Courtesy of We Wore What

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