My name is Souad El Mghari, born and raised in the “adorable” Moroccan town of Agadir, Fashion has always been a passion of mine. Even before I was at the age of realizing it.

My first memory as a child is arguing with my mom on a school morning about what I should wear. And I should add, I won that argument. From that day on, I dressed myself (might I add).

Not long ago, the editor-in-chief of a women’s magazine in Morocco, a freelance stylist, and fashion editor, it was a long way here, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

This blog is a sort of journal for my creativity, a reflection of me; my esthetic, interests, take on things that I come across, be it fashion trends, beauty products, or lifestyle subjects. Hence, its name “Kaftan Mag”. “Kaftan” is in hommage to my heritage, my roots, my pride; aka Morocco, and “Mag” is a reflection of my passion and love for media and publishing.

I thought I should add that some of my articles, have been published in French on a Kaftan Mag’s partner website

You can also have a look at some of my previous work (articles and videos) on:

-In English: www.moroccanladies.com

-In French: www.femmesdumaroc.com and more recently www.lesiteinfo.com

-And the magazine I’m running at the moment; www.mademoizellemaroc.com

Culturetoute .

And hopefully, this list will keep on growing…

Currently I am a lecturer of digital marketing sharing my experience by providing fresh ideas and trying my best to help future marketers get what it takes to create content and help business grow.

And I also have 7 years experience creating multi-media content for public and private sector organizations, and recently i have focused my efforts into giving life to a consulting business.


Thank you!