Ramadan is just a few hours away, and I have to say that I’m so excited about it.

Aside from my eating and even sleeping habits, a couple of other regimes change throughout this holy month, and two of them are my style and beauty routine. I personally believe in looking a bit modest; i.e. showing less skin than I would during the rest of the year. However, that does not mean that I should look dishevelled or not make any effort on my appearance, after all one has to always look presentable, and professional in a work context.

Thus, and with many years of fasting under my belt, I kind of developed a certain routine that includes a few essentials, for a Ramadan day (not necessarily in the evening, after breaking the fast).

  • Moisturiser, and this is a mandatory one. Since I don’t get to drink water and hydrate during an entire day, my skin can get rather dry, especially since lately Ramadan falls in warm summer or spring days. Therefore, in addition to obviously moisturising after a shower, I find it useful to keep a cream with me all day long, and use it a few times especially on my arms.


  • BB cream. Again staying modest, I go extremely light on makeup in Ramadan (and this is a personal choice), which is something I kind of enjoy, since I often tend to wear subtle makeup all year round. In that sense, and keeping in mind that foundation is the most important for your makeup, I might let go of other products as mascara and eye shadow, but not foundation. And nothing says modest or light or even natural than a BB cream.


  • Eyelash curler. As I said earlier, I might do without mascara during a day of fast, except if I have a light impact one (which is not the case at the moment). Nevertheless, this does not mean that I won’t work on my eyelashes, because I believe they make a big difference in terms of you looking a bit refreshed and mainly awake; something that is hard to be during a typical day of fasting. Hence, the eyelash curler. Another option, in case you feel adventurous enough and have bit more money to spend, is trying the new eyelash extensions trend (I personally haven’t given it a go yet).


  • Cardigan/Open kaftan/Kimono. Coming to the style portion of this post, I find that cardigans are lifesavers during Ramadan. You instantly feel and look more covered when wearing them, they are not heavy or too hot for a warm day, and they suit almost everything; from a work outfit to a more casual getup. I practically live in cardigans throughout the month, especially the maxi ones, not to forget open kaftans, and kimono, which are kind of the same thing.


  • Kaftan/Maxi dress/ Long jumpsuit. Feeling comfortable, and not being bothered with having everything tucked in the right place, or making sure if something is showing, is what dressing in Ramadan is all about for me. And to achieve that, I find that there is nothing more appropriate than a long piece of clothing. A maxi dress or a long jumpsuit will do here, but for an additional fun touch especially once you are home, I believe a light airy kaftan is your best option.


That is it for my survival kit during the holy month of Ramadan. What is yours

Kaftan: KaftanQueen – BB Cream: Dior Skin Nude, Dior – Cardigan: Marwa – Moisturiser: Cocoa Butter, Nivea



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