A few days ago I turned 30! And I’m really excited about it (this is not me being sarcastic, I promise). Even though I wanted to publish this blog post about the things I learned so far on my birthday, which was on the 31st of July in case you’re asking, it turned out I had an additional life lesson to learn. I lost my grand mother, to whom I have always been close, and that only a few months after the passing of my aunt. The lesson here is obviously that we are all going to die! No, I’m just kidding. What I have learned with this painful experience, is to cherish the people around you, because they’re not eternal, and take them as they are, with their good and bad sides.

So, if my maths are good there are still 29 things I have learned in my life that I still get to share with you and here they are:

  • A smile makes a world of a difference. When you smile, whatever state of mind you are in at that moment, your mood changes instantly for the better.
  • Stay true to yourself… and your style. 
  • Don’t over pluck your eyebrows. Even if you have bushy beasts as mine, too much plucking will take you away from the Cara Delevingne look FOREVER.
  • Moisturise even if you have uber oily skin.
  • Coconut oil is your best friend. Skin and hair treatments for life baby!
  • Breathe. And I mean, really breathe.
  • If you have to explain yourself to a “close” person, they probably didn’t know who you were to start with, and were never that close.
  • You come first. No one will take care of you as you do yourself.
  • Fake it till you make it. If you believe you are where you want to be, you will definitely get there.
  • Settling is giving up.
  • Mood boards are the easiest uplifters there are.
  • Don’t shy away from saying NO.
  • You can live without your phone and the Internet, believe me! I did it for the first 14 years of my life, and it’s liberating.
  • YOU create your life, so take ownership for whatever happens to you; good or bad.
  • Being alone is a choice.
  • Dance it out.
  • Own your imagination. Dreams are what drive us.
  • Don’t let your parents throw away their old clothes and accessories, things always come back in style, only to be cooler than they first were.
  • An oversized shirt is essential to you wardrobe AND comfort.
  • Sexy is a state of mind, not a tight dress.
  • Death is not the opposite of life, mindlessness is.
  • Surround yourself with books, they’re your comfort soul food.
  • A day at the souk is cardio, and a fun one.
  • Each piece of clothing has a story when you think about it, they represent milestones, and not just pieces of fabric.
  • Vintage shopping is like a scavenger hunt, you are almost always guaranteed a precious find.
  • Your eyelashes can always use some castor oil.
  • Simplicity is underrated.
  • Don’t rush, things happen when they are supposed to. Just enjoy the journey!
  • A cozy home is like a fluffy sweater, it hugs you every time you step in it.

So here they are, my life lessons! This list of the 30 things I learned in my 30 years is probably as close to writing a memoir as I could get. Or not, here’s hoping!

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