Looking effortlessly great on a saturday night out is the dream, and sometimes harder to achieve than it might seem.

When you’re out clubbing with your friends, or at a party, you want to look your best, but not as if you tried too hard, especially when it comes to your hair, I mean you’re not going to a prom or a wedding.

Having it down is a classic, and it is generally the go to hairstyle for any type of hair, but it’s good to change from time to time, try and mix it up a little.


The right braid can make all the difference. Either by attempting a classic Blake Lively look with a high braid, or by having it on the side and messy, this hairstyle adds a little more personality.

Both the bun and the ponytail can look casual, but when done right, they can improve the whole look, and make it dressier


Images courtesy of Gettyimages and Picelebrity

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