From the Golden Globe Awards, to the Critics choice Awards, and Life Ok Screen Awards, there have been some beautiful red carpet makeup moments last week. Check them out. Embed from Getty Images Marion Cotillard. Embed from Getty Images Priyanka Chopra. Embed from Getty Images Jamie Chung. Embed from Getty Images Sienna Miller. Embed from … Continue Reading

We all suffer from a bad hair day every now and then. Be it because you missed the alarm in the morning, and you have five minutes to get ready for work, or just that your hair won’t collaborate, fixing your hair can be a nightmare. Thus, other than having the perfect hair that always looks … Continue Reading

Whether you have been back to school for a while now, or you are about to, you still need to look great. Never been myself for wearing “pyjamas” to class (which believe it or not, happened a lot), or the idea of neglecting what you wear, especially for those really early mornings, here is a suggestion, … Continue Reading