As we have said many time; fashion and styling boundaries have been pushed so much back, that they almost don’t exist anymore. So many of the styling choices that used to be considered tacky, are now seen to be quirky and interesting. Being out of the box, and daring, has never been so “In” as … Continue Reading

A ballerina is supposed to be the epitome of grace and elegance, and that on stage, in a studio during her daily work, and even in the street. Leotards, bodysuits, ballerina flats, and bun hairstyles are all the things that remind us of a ballerina’s style. Nevertheless, her off duty looks happen to be a tad different. … Continue Reading

The bucket bag is one of those nineties trends that came back this year, and got their previous popularity almost instantly. From the casual fringed one, to the fancy structured leather one, this accessory has become a street style must. Thus, if you didn’t find the right one for you, and didn’t join in the … Continue Reading