Call it retro, call it vintage, but Taylor Swift has definitely found her style, and she is working it. In her oxford heeled shoes, her Peter Pan collars, and her hats, the singer is transporting us to a different fashion era every time she steps out of her house. A vision at every red carpet … Continue Reading

Belting an outfit is a technique that has always been around, for dresses, shirts, and even kaftans. And it has been so popular, that belts are being sold as part of certain clothing items. That popularity is due to the fact that this technique is one of the best ways to accentuate one’s waist, and … Continue Reading

With complicated daily maintenance and styling, the naturally curly hair happens to be a difficult beast to control. Due to its rebellious nature, other than letting it down, any other hairstyle is difficult to achieve, especially for an up-do. Generally demanding a lot of patience, unless you seek the help of a professional, some of the ladies get … Continue Reading