Whenever there is a new fashion trend that we all get excited to follow, one should think where it is coming from. Well, the ladies below, also known as fashion trendsetters are partly responsible for them, in addition to the actual fashion designers that make the clothes (Da…). Generally bold with their fashion choices, they always … Continue Reading

We have gathered below six office, or school appropriate hair tutorials, from the talented hair specialist Tina Lee. To get away from the daily, sometimes boring hair down, or any other generic hairstyles, these hair tutorials result in sophisticated looks, and take only a few minutes. So don’t worry, you can still hit the snooze … Continue Reading

Some believe (or used to believe) that when you are in flats, you are less chic than when in heels. Well, I beg to differ. And for almost two years now, so does the fashion industry, and street style, when comfort took over the existing trends. I mean just going through fashion and style blogs, … Continue Reading