We almost never talk about men’s fashion on KaftanMag, but with these stylish men style blogs we couldn’t resist it. Hopefully inspirational to different clothing styles, and tastes these bloggers and male street style stars are from different parts of the world (Germany, USA, Kuwait, and others), and are as dapper as it gets. Check them … Continue Reading

Daily workout is good, we know. But when you barely get the time to (maybe) have a meal, and sleep for a few hours, outside of the time you spend at work, a healthy workout regime takes the boot. Nevertheless, thanks to the many available vlogs (video blogs) made of numerous fun workouts, and that generally … Continue Reading

Freezing in front of the closet, not knowing what to wear, and thinking that you don’t have enough clothes to pick an outfit seems familiar to you? Well, we all go through this “crisis” a few times every week. Sometimes the idea of picking an outfit feels like a lot of work, especially if you … Continue Reading