Winter is a time when our skin suffers from the most problems. And as much as there are creams, and beauty products that can help you take care of your skin, you might want to try something else, something organic. With very simple ingredients that can be found in pharmacies, you can make your own … Continue Reading

Now that’s a way to make your outfit pop. Leopard print (or any other animal print for that matter) has the ability to add to an outfit more personality. Either in a simple accessory (bag, belt, shoes, or scarf) or in a whole clothing item, this print trend is not as hard to pull off … Continue Reading

New Year’s Eve is finally here, with its usual bitter sweet feeling of ending a year, that hopefully was great. But you have do it looking stylish. So get into your party mode, and put on your party outfit, and start the fun. Now when I say party outfit, it doesn’t always need to be the clichéd … Continue Reading