They say that one should look the part (or dress the part, in this situation). But dressing up as a power woman, especially to work is more than just to look powerful, it’s to feel beautiful as well. Whether in a high position, or on your way to it, the power woman style commands respect, as … Continue Reading

I’m going out on a limb here, but I will say that the Mom jeans are probably the most comfortable pair of denim out there. Which is probably the reason they are called “Mom jeans”. With a higher waist, and a wider leg fit, these jeans are a nice break from the popular slim ones … Continue Reading

You can never go wrong with braided hair. Always adding a certain level of sophistication, in addition to them being a great day look, braids are an even better party hairstyle. With just a few bobby pins, and some arm strength you can achieve an up-do by yourself in a couple of minutes, and still … Continue Reading