The sale season has just started. So grab your credit card, and your comfortable shoes, and follow the guidelines below to get the most of it (Ah the dream). First things first, planning. To avoid any impulse shopping (especially if you are on a budget), you better know what it is you want to buy. … Continue Reading

A casual pair of denim and a simple shirt have never looked more chic. Kate Middleton has accustomed us to an effortless personal style in all of her outfits, be it a couture gown to attend a gala, or a sweater and a pair of sneakers to workout. The media’s obsession with the Duchess of … Continue Reading

As great as it is to live in a city where the weather is warm all year long, sometimes you do miss some aspects of a chilled winter. Having the same wardrobe all year long can be boring, especially with all the nice fall and winter fashion trends out there. And let’s not forget the joy of layering, … Continue Reading