Other than the leading natural skin that has been “The” makeup trend of the previous season, and that will still be around in 2015, designers have mainly been divided between two other impactful trends; the accent lip, and the dramatic eyeliner. Natural look. Embed from Getty Images Alexander Wang. Embed from Getty Images Gucci. Embed … Continue Reading

The kaftan is a magical clothing item, and not only because it is associated with princess Shehrazad, and magic lanterns (among other things). Flattering to all body types, this Moroccan fashion staple is as elegant and sophisticated as it gets. No wonder that it charmed and inspired fashion designers from around the globe. From red … Continue Reading

Either stuck in your city because you have to work, or going on a ski trip because you are lucky; there is no escaping some extreme weather at this time of year (for some of you at least). Snow, rain, or just plain cold have the neck to make a person in a not so … Continue Reading