Double chin, cheeks that are either too full or not enough, eye bags, asymmetrical smile, and many more are some of the small imperfections that we are all (secretly, or not) annoyed with. Unless you want to go the needle and knife route, there is a much simpler “magic” solution; face yoga. For those who are … Continue Reading

For a new comer as a model, Kendall Jenner took the fashion world by a storm, and rose instantly to the status of supermodel. More than her work on the runway, but this reality TV star’s street style is what gained her incredible popularity. This latest face of Estee Lauder’s simple and effortless personal style is trendy, … Continue Reading

No one can argue the femininity of a pencil skirt. Often associated with an elegant and formal style, this must of a woman’s wardrobe went on to become the working girl’s uniform. Its impeccably flattering silhouette, when paired with heels is just an unbeatable attractive look. However, this season’s casual twist on this classic didn’t take away … Continue Reading