The best way to add a little “oomf” to an already fabulous party outfit, is accessorizing. And I’m not talking about the usual jewelry; earrings, bracelets, etc… I’m referring to hair accessories, which happen to be a unique and out-of-the box way to take your look to a whole other level. To help you get … Continue Reading

By now, we all got the message; comfort is “In”? And apparently this year, in addition to the sporty chic trend, fashion designers have decided that “the bigger, the better” phrase should be implemented in their creations. As much as almost all the ladies enjoy the fitted clothes that flatter one’s figure, the occasional chunky sweaters and … Continue Reading

It’s time to give your mini and maxi skirts a little break. The on trend midi skirt, is fast coming back to its status of a classic. This once iconic item of clothing in the 40’s and 50’s, which then popped up a bit in the 70’s is back this year, and with a bang. … Continue Reading