Leatherette clutches of different sizes with a “Khmissa” embroidery on top of them, are the items from the souk that we chose to share this time. The Khmissa is the design of a hand, that in Moroccan culture, is believe to protect people from the evil eye.

Many have tried, and are still trying to emulate her never fading style, but there will only be one Jane Birkin, the epitome of the “Parisian look”. The simplicity of her outfits and her natural beauty are what make her the style icon that she is. No wonder one of the biggest fashion houses out there; Hermes, has … Continue Reading

Sleeping in, relaxing, and going out for brunch is not only what sundays are all about, for most people, unfortunately.After a busy long week, the weekend is generally when you can run errands, grocery shop, and do all the non-glamorous “chores”. But that does not mean that you cannot do it in style. Check out these … Continue Reading