Rafia, Zellij, wicker… sounds familiar? The different elements of Moroccan interior design with its rich colours, dynamic contrasts, and its traditional North African patterns, has never been more popular. Our skilled artisans, who generation after generation keep Morocco’s traditions alive, are the backbone of this cultural treasure. And subsequently, the main source for the trendy … Continue Reading

Traditionally speaking, Moroccan kaftans are rarely light or airy. However, I know what you are thinking right now; weird concept for a garment made by and for people living in a warm country. But it is what it is,  so no need to be nitpicky. Hence, wanting to go for a summer minimalism outfit in … Continue Reading

Merhaba! is probably the most uttered word in the “complexe artisanal” Kasbat Souss. The second you set foot in this shopping heaven, you can feel the eagerness of every artisan, and shop keeper to welcome you. Wether you intend to buy something or not, the experience is the same; Delightful. Now, let me assure you … Continue Reading

Summer, always brings with it warm weather and all its fun; longer days and enjoyable night parties, tanning sessions at the beach, sand castles… However, that sun and warmth can come at a large cost for your skin, except if you know how to tackle it. If not, we’re here to guide you through it … Continue Reading

Speaking for my shopoholic self, shopping is a skill, and doing it right takes practice (thankfully), especially when we are talking about shopping in a Souk. As you probably know, a Souk is a very large place where you can find everything you need, from: clothes, shoes, bags, food, decoration, furnitures, and many more enchanting … Continue Reading

Published on Afrocraze.com in July 19, 2018 Featured in Vogue USA, Vogue Arabia, Huffington Post, Velvet Magazine, and ( so ) many more publications, Sofia El Arabi has undoubtedly made a name for herself in the fashion world. With a personal style that can only be described as, a queen of the desert meets Emmanuelle … Continue Reading

Published on Afrocraze.com in June 30, 2018 Celebrating Eid in Agadir, Morocco. We explored Moroccan souks, where fashion & celebration intersect, in search of the perfect outfit for this special day. In collaboration with Kaftan Mag. Music by Brahim Fribgane.  

Published on Afrocraze.com in May 29, 2018 A few weeks ago on AfroCraze, we talked about ethical fashion on the African landscape; “Zooming in on the practice of ethical fashion that is sourced and produced on the African continent, we at AfroCraze believe that the true embodiment of ethical fashion goes beyond not doing harm. … Continue Reading

Published on Afrocraze.com in March 30, 2018 What is a kaftan, really? In what garment “box” should we put it? Dresses? Outerwear? Formal? Casual? Even the Moroccan that I am, can get confused at times. However, one thing I know for sure, is that I am “Caftan with a “K” team”, all the way. Ka … Continue Reading

Published on Afrocraze.com in March 30, 2018 “When Yves Saint Laurent discovered Marrakech in 1966, he was so moved by the place that he decided to buy a house and regularly go back there. It feels perfectly natural, fifty years later, to build a museum dedicated to his oeuvre, which was so inspired by this … Continue Reading