I’m happy to inform you that overalls are still happening (Yeay). This (other) nineties come back has proven to be even more fun, the second time around. I mean, since they were officially “In” among the Spring/Summer 2013 collections, there has been an “Overalls palooza” in street style, and understandably so.

The first time we wore them (assuming that you were around in the nineties), our mothers were the ones pulling what we had to wear (mostly). And it was an Ok outfit for a; let’s say younger person. But now that we are adults, some of the ladies are still skeptical about this trend.

Well, you shouldn’t. Overalls can surprisingly be very chic and result in a put-together look, as long they are styled right. Wearing them with a pair of heels, or having a feminine blouse underneath, will definitely change your mind, and erase any misconception that dungarees ( or overalls) make you look ridiculous. Actually, even worn with a t-shit and a pair of sneakers will give you a stylish look, you just need to own it and have the right attitude.

So if you still have reservations about this cool trend, take look at the gallery below. You might change your mind and get yourself a pair (of overalls of course).

Featured Image Courtesy of Sara Strand

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