More than anything, one’s style is a reflexion of their personality. So, don’t ever let anyone bully you into trying to convince you of otherwise. It is not an exact science, but more of a balance between what makes you feel good and an understanding of your own body and what suits it. And that is my humble opinion.

Following this deep introduction to today’s OOTD, all I actually wanted to convey is that you don’t have to be in heels or in fancy clothes to be stylish. We all have our days, in my case they most of the time are casual and minimalist, because that is who I am and what I like; simplicity and effortlessness.

Curvy as I am, especially in the hip area, I often favour high waisted bottoms, even in the case of thick leggings, like the ones I’m wearing today. To go with them I went for a loose cropped top and Birkenstock like sandals. All subtle pieces that are just the right balance to bring out in the best way this amazing light linen outerwear.

And that’s it, OOTD done!!

Outerwear: KaftanQueen – Leggings: Zara – Top: I have no idea – Sandals: Mango – Sunglasses: Parfois

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