For the last few years, a proper winter style has not been complete without camel outerwear. And duly so. Extremely versatile, and flattering to every body type and skin tone a camel coat should definitely be in everyone’s outerwear must-have list, joining leather jackets, oversized coats, and such. For me personally, today I chose to showcase this … Continue Reading

How to classy up a pair of distressed jeans? Well, wear it with the classic suede blazer. It would probably be a safe assumption to say that an item of clothing that is sure to be found in every fashionable woman’s closet is the blazer. However, I personally would go further, and add that a must-have … Continue Reading

I might have mentioned this before, but the 90’s are my favourite fashion era, by far. Probably due to the fact that it is the period where I started being aware of fashion and style, it was also around that time that I began to make my own choices when it came to what I would wear (believe me, … Continue Reading

Back in the day when I used to have a regular 9 to 5 job, working in an office, I would describe my style as more of a smart casual one. Mostly, because I was daily aching to dress up in jeans, t-shirt, and sneakers, I made the effort to add a little piece to … Continue Reading

Let’s not get into the details of why ankle boots are a must in one’s wardrobe, or what makes them so chic and trendy, and just agree that they are spectacular and you better have at least one pair. From a grungy style, to a sophisticated Parisian look, if there is a pair of shoes that … Continue Reading

Layers, outerwear, minimal, nude colours. This pretty much summarises my personal style at the moment, my comfort zone you might say, and the outerwear I have on today. A true find, in addition to being just beautiful, I love this light linen coat because it is so unique. A design from one of my favourite small … Continue Reading

I don’t know if you would agree with this, but I do believe that grey is the trendiest colour of the moment, especially in winter, and even more if it is in a monochromatic outfit… Yes, feeling inspired!! Not going totally monochrome myself, I chose today to stick to an all grey top of the look. … Continue Reading

There is nothing better than a cozy outfit. And I’m not talking here about pyjamas or lounge wear, but a legit look that you can proudly wear outside. A must in every girl’s closet, especially during winter time, in my book a cozy outfit always involves a warm maxi cardigan and a pair of good slippers, … Continue Reading

Here I am again, channeling some more Danielle Bernstein style here. Not to forget my additional and obvious Moroccan touch; in the background this time. I don’t want to be redundant today, so no need to confess once more my love for anything that resembles a jumpsuit (which I kind of just did), but there is one … Continue Reading

It is pretty hard to brighten up a winter day, however not such a difficult thing to do with a winter outfit. I am one of those people who unconsciously goes for massively dressing up in grey during the winter, and even if I try to fight it (which I actually succeeded in doing this … Continue Reading