I can never emphasise enough on how much I love to mix modern fashion with vintage through a fusion of different styles, especially when the vintage piece in question is a kaftan! A few weeks ago I dug into my mother’s old traditional clothes and came across some serious treasure. One of those jewels is … Continue Reading

It is time to cut to the chase! No more weekly Ramadan outfits, through you can still find them on my Instagram page , today I decided to share with you a whole Ramadan Lookbook video. Made of a total of five looks; two dressy, and three casual, that I put together to give you some … Continue Reading

Here goes week 2 of Ramadan, and here comes a new batch of outfits! From vintage Turkish pyjamas that I used as a maxi dress/kaftan, to jackets with ethnic touches this week’s Ramadan outfits might be fewer but are in no way boring. So, here’s hoping again that you would find some inspiration in them, for your … Continue Reading

There is nothing like having a piece of a kilim carpet stitched to your oversized jacket to make you feel special! Or is it just me? Unlike my love for 90’s trends and oversized items, my obsession for kilim (from interior design to fashion) is rather recent, hence the star piece in today’s outfit; an oversized … Continue Reading

One week down, three more to go! I cannot believe that we are already 8 days into Ramadan. This last week was so amazing, with the ambiance this holy month brings that it flew by like crazy. So, I decided that one fun way for me to recap and share these last few days, is … Continue Reading

As star youtuber; Superwoman’s Lily Singh would say “What up t shirt reference?” There are some pieces of clothing that happen to catch your eye and have an instant impact on you, the moment you spot them, then you immediately sort of identify with whatever they represent. It can be an item that belongs to your personal style, or might be … Continue Reading

And I’m back in black & white. Not so surprising, right? Mixing and matching styles and textures gives me such a high, you can’t believe. Take today’s look, I paired what is supposed to be a super feminine piece, the white lace top, with some casual grungy overalls. Two styles that are supposed to be so different, but … Continue Reading

For some of you out there, Spring means floral prints and other girly cutesie things as such, but for me it is just about making an extra effort with brighter colours!! In that sense, here is one attempt on my part, but with my own personal touch (of course). A yellow plain tshirt and a kind of matching … Continue Reading

In case you were able to see most of my previous looks on the website, you should have understood by now that one thing I love (love) to do; is to maximise on the use of each item of clothing that I own. Versatility, is probably one of my favourite words, especially when it is a … Continue Reading

More than anything, one’s style is a reflexion of their personality. So, don’t ever let anyone bully you into trying to convince you of otherwise. It is not an exact science, but more of a balance between what makes you feel good and an understanding of your own body and what suits it. And that is my … Continue Reading