It’s Ramadan, Feed your soul with these films on Netfilx

It is crazy how slow time seems to be while fasting in Ramadan, especially when your days start rather early. Aside from each person’s daily spiritual regime, for some after-work (or not) naps are the perfect remedy. As much as a little snooze might work most of the time, nonetheless, I believe that another great time-pass, and that either for when … Continue Reading

5 items I cannot live without during Ramadan

Ramadan is just a few hours away, and I have to say that I’m so excited about it. Aside from my eating and even sleeping habits, a couple of other regimes change throughout this holy month, and two of them are my style and beauty routine. I personally believe in looking a bit modest; i.e. showing less … Continue Reading

Larisa in Morocco

The obsession is real! Fashion bloggers from around the world have been popping into Morocco for years now. Every couple of months, a blog post would be published by an influential trendsetter, who payed a stylish visit to the North African country. With the vast majority (about 99.99%, and I don’t think I’m exaggerating) choosing … Continue Reading

I could live in her closet !!

Never, have I ever wanted to own a closet this much, or anything else, for that matter. In a recently posted British Vogue video, fashion editor Bay Garnett takes us in a sneaky  little tour of Miranda Kerr’s California house closet. Obviously, this is not the first celebrity closet tour that I have seen. Believe men … Continue Reading

This Instagram account has so much swag

She can SING, write amazing lyrics, has an overload of swag, and is of Moroccan descent. Meet “the next big thing” in the music industry; Bibi Bourelly. Of Moroccan and Haitian origins, Bibi has music and art in her blood. Daughter of Jean-Paul Bourelly; a respected jazz musician, and a mother (deceased of cancer when Bibi was only six) who was an … Continue Reading

Follow them to Marrakech

We would follow this talented duo to the end of the world, for sure. A few weeks back; Murad Osmann and his beautiful wife Nataly Osmann; also known as the couple behind the world famous Follow Me series, have made a short stop at the Ait Benhaddou village in Morocco (article here), and as usual … Continue Reading

Traditional kaftans walk the streets of New York

New York street style is probably one of the best in the world. Diverse and creative, the looks that walk the streets of the Big Apple are often seen to be sophisticated yet out of the box. However, what I just found today is “far from the box”, and quite interesting, if I may say so … Continue Reading

Fashion blogger turns her home into a Moroccan haven

A rich carpet, henna, mint tea, and a bohemian style dress; all the right ingredients were tastefully put together by fashion blogger Larisa Costea of The Mysterious Girl in creating the perfect Moroccan atmosphere, in her own home. Titled “Morocco in my home”, the stylish blogger Larisa published recently a post devoted to a Moroccan inspired decor that she has made part … Continue Reading

What if this year’s Oscars red carpet was all kaftans ?

Now just imagine! An Oscars’ red carpet filled with traditional Moroccan kaftans, in all shapes and forms. Talk about making a statement! Not completely unprecedented though, since many hollywood ladies have attempted the kaftan look on major red carpets; from Elizabeth Taylor, to Angelina Jolie, to the fashion forward Olsen twins. Although these beauties often stuck with the … Continue Reading

Style icon of the year 2015

I have to say, this was a tough one. Well not really. I might be biased, as a fan of minimalist style myself, but there is hardly someone who masters it as well as our Style Icon of the year; Kendall Jenner. Beyond her obvious physical beauty, that girl has one astute sense of style, … Continue Reading