We all get busy all day, everyday, be it with work, or taking care of children, or just running around. But that is not a reason to slack off on paying attention to ourselves and the way we look, and that is from head to toe. Consequently, one of the most time consuming beauty routines that … Continue Reading

Winter is upon us, and as we all know, this season can be harsh on your skin. Because of the cold weather, it loses its ability to hold its moisture, which makes it dry, stretchy, and mostly unpleasant. The golden and obvious rule for any season is to wash your face twice a day; in the morning, and before going … Continue Reading

The dark lip look has confirmed its presence for a long time now. From celebrities on the red carpet, to the young woman going to the office or class, this trend is here to stay, especially for this fall season. Generally, the dark lip make up goes hand in hand with a bare face, or a very … Continue Reading

Looking effortlessly great on a saturday night out is the dream, and sometimes harder to achieve than it might seem. When you’re out clubbing with your friends, or at a party, you want to look your best, but not as if you tried too hard, especially when it comes to your hair, I mean you’re … Continue Reading