This blog post had to happen! Whether we realize it or not, we all have summer beauty essentials. I personally didn’t know I did until I started thinking about this post. I knew I had a beauty routine that changes from one season to another, but in terms of the products used they might vary … Continue Reading

You might have heard of its founder Mouna Abbassy; the 1st Moroccan woman to win Cartier’s Women initiative 2015 for the MEA region, Izil is a brand that has made a name for itself in the beauty world. Made of organic plant, fruits, and essential oils based products, this UAE based brand’s star product is the famous IZIL Argan Oil. … Continue Reading

Not trying to throw any shade here, but some of us out there have to deal with a rather imposing forehead. Having been conscious of it myself, I have the legendary Tyra Banks ( a fellow large foreheaded lady) to thank for making me feel ok about it, and that it is rather more flattering to … Continue Reading

If you thought that picking the best dressed at this year’s Golden Globes was a difficult task, then trying to select the most flawless beauty look is just impossible. So many differently inspiring makeup looks and hairstyles have hit the 2016 Golden Globes’ red carpet, that we thought that the best thing to do is we might as … Continue Reading

“Princess Lalla Salma shares a radical streak with the protagonist from Brave. Much like Merida, who wanted to shirk tradition when it came to her arranged marriage, the Moroccan princess is the first wife of a Moroccan ruler to earn her own royal title”; is how the website Popsugar explained its choice for Merida from … Continue Reading

In her latest video, beauty youtuber Carli Bybel shared a tutorial on how to shave your face. I have to admit that I was shocked and skeptical at first when I came across the video, because I believe we have all been warned more than once, that when you shave body hair it then grows back thicker and … Continue Reading

Henna design has rarely looked this badass. On her Instagram account, Ukrainian henna and mehendi artist Veronica Krasovska has been giving us a peak into a whole other kind of designs. Far from the traditional henna drawings that we have known for so long, Krasovska’s creations have a modernity in them that somehow makes them appealing to … Continue Reading

You could consider it as the best of two worlds; or at least two great hair colours, bronde. As the perfect mix of blonde and brown hair, it happens to be the right option to change your look, without being drastic. And with the current unconventional hair dies that are all the rage (purple, blue, … Continue Reading

Time to pull up the big guns of hairstyles. Either for a 5 star Valentine’s day date, or any other formal occasion as a wedding, a fancy hairstyle is always welcome. And I’m not talking about the usual high bun, or a simple braid. Sophisticated and elegant hairstyles that will make you look as if … Continue Reading

With eyes being the main focus in most makeup looks, and simple hairstyles from bobs to easy buns dominating the beauty looks at the 2015 Grammy awards, the red carpet saw celebrities looking their best with not much. Kim Kardashian’s new haircut, and Katy Perry going back to a colourful hair are some of the beauty highlights … Continue Reading