Founded by a passionate and ambitious team (aka. Me, Myself, and I: Souad El Mghari), Kaftan Mag is a daily source of fashion and beauty related news, and features. Not to forget a mandatory dose of street style inspiration, and personal style with a subtle at times Moroccan touch.

Keeping in mind the diversity of our readers, and the pride we have here at Kaftan Mag in our Eastern heritage, our main objective is to shed a light on aspects of fashion from every possible part of the world. We strive to get inspired, and inspire those readers and their style as much as possible.

So, as we say in Morocco, “Marhaba” to our blog.

One more thing, we publish a French version of some of our articles on a Kaftan Mag’s partner website Culturetoute . Check it out!!

You can also have a look at some of my previous work (articles and videos) on:

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