This blog post had to happen! Whether we realize it or not, we all have summer beauty essentials. I personally didn’t know I did until I started thinking about this post. I knew I had a beauty routine that changes from one season to another, but in terms of the products used they might vary … Continue Reading

I can’t believe I’m going to say this but I want to be straight forward with you, and confess that I’m not as inspired by today’s post and look as I thought I would be! I was excited to shoot it, and mostly putting the outfit together. But today, talking about it, doesn’t feel so … Continue Reading

It would not be an over-statement if I said that interior design is one of my most favorite things in the whole world. It would actually be fair to call it my second passion, right after fashion, of course. The idea of dressing an interior, a home is so hunting to me that whenever I … Continue Reading

Not to ruin your working week, but I truly believe that we need to do this. We need to talk about my weekend at the beach (spot the sarcasm)! If not for the fashion, these coming photos might (literally) brighten your day! You might have seen these “beachy” snaps on Instagram in case you were … Continue Reading

Bring out your sunglasses, it’s about to get real bright in here! I have always felt extremely lucky to be living in a year-long warm coastal city like Agadir, where a beach gateway plan is more of a habit than a privilege. This just goes to show how much of a pro I have become, … Continue Reading

As much as kaftans have become a must-have for a summer wardrobe, the black part might be a bit harder to grasp for most. It is a common belief that black is not the best color to wear during hot weather, I mean I should know, I live in a city where the sun shines … Continue Reading

Published on in 2015 Moroccan Ladies met with the legendary actress and supermodel Marisa Berenson in Marrakech at the launch of hers and Sofitel’s new program “SoSPA, Mental & Body Detox”. Elegant as always, Marisa Berenson, the iconic American model and actress, seemed in her element in sunny Marrakech, for the launch of “Wellness food”, a … Continue Reading

Published on Femmes Du Maroc in 2015. Dans l’esprit du mouvement “healthy” et de la tendance “style de vie holistique” dont le monde entier, et surtout les célébrités, raffolent, le Sofitel a collaboré avec la légendaire actrice et top model Marisa Berenson pour le lancement du programme “SoSPA, Mental & Body Detox”… Pour que bien-être … Continue Reading